Kind words from our valuable customers

I am the owner and trainer of the outdoor fitness training company called The Great Camp.

I started my business without a site nor social media. I was so frustrated and in desperate need of these things as I knew they were going to better my business.

I heard about MI Host and I reached them over telephone asking if they could help me with the above needs.

The guys were so friendly to me and immediately they started developing the site for my company. Since I started working together with them, my business has grown steadily and fast. I've got top class facebook page which is linked so well to my website, my clients are so proud of being the members of this thriving camp.

The MI Host company is always available for me, guys are working for 24/7 to keep their customer satisfied. I am super excited to work together with MI Host, with their affordable costs and I am looking forward to expand my business around S.A and international through their help.

MI Host is always hosting my needs and they can do the same for you!

Phiwe, The Great Camp

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